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MultiLib develops beautifully illustrated children's stories
in the form of e-books, in 12 languages,
including 6 languages spoken by migrants


Open and innovative education
embedded in the digital era

A vibrant multicultural e-library with traditional and contemporary children's stories
from different cultures:
Swedish Belgian, Czech, Turkish, Greek, British, Tibetan, Haitian,
Russian, Armenian, Arabic and Kurdish.
MultiLib e-Library is accompanied by
a Teacher Guide, a Book of Activities and Case Studies
Inclusive education

Multilib answers the need for primary school teachers to acquire
a broader repertoire of teaching strategy
to tackle the challenge of teaching increasingly multiethnic and multilingual classes
MultiLIb e-library and the book-based
activities enable children to:

• develop  a sense of  social inclusion
• enhance intercultural understanding
• make children from ethnic minorities proud to share their culture
and language and pleased to learn about others
• acquire skills that will contribute to their future employment
in a labour market increasingly requiring multicultural knowledge,
mobility, language skills and ICT competences
• enhance love of reading, literacy and artistic skills


Expose children to the beauty and richness of European and
ethnic minorities’ languages and cultures through formats that motivate and engage!

 MultiLib is funded by the European Commission
and is addressed to teachers, parents
and all those with an interest in multicultural issues, across Europe and beyond.      

Partnership Contact
Viksjöfors skola  Helena Ehrstrand Sweden
 International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation    Marianne Poncelet    Belgium
  Language School Pelican    Dasa Pilikanova    Czech Republic
Greece    Nektarios Moumoutzis    TUC- Technical University of Greete
Turkey    Figen Yilmaz    Cukurova University
United Kingdom    Teresa Dello Monaco    The Mosaic Art Sound
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