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Traditional Tibetan Instrument
Tibetan bells

Audio file of the Tibetan bell  
Children Story
The Tibetan Bell

“What a wonderful morning! The sun is shining, children’s voices and laughs are filling the environment with harmony and joy! If only I could reach them and play…”. Gyatso was a happy child, happy even if he was so sick, and he had been sick for months, that he could hardly stand. In fact, he couldn’t walk.
His mum, loving and caring as the sweetest mum in the world, brought him a soup and sighed: “How wonderful this child is… He never complains…Oh, how much I would love to see him running and playing with his young friends.”
One night, Gyatso had a dream. He heard a special sound which was also visible, spiraling into rainbow circles and going towards the infinite.
A little, young and luminous angel appeared and said: “Gyatso, tell your mum to find a Tibetan bell and play it for you!” Then he sent him a kiss and disappeared.
Gyatso woke up, called his mum and told her the dream which was still so vivid and clear in his mind. In the morning, Gyatso’s mum went to the market and bought a Tibetan bell. She played it close to Gyatso’s bed, the sound was pleasant, she continued to turn around the bell with a wooden stick to let the bell emit its special sound, they enjoyed the sound… but would have expected that something more magical would happen, after that impressive dream.
That night, the angel appeared again in Gyatso’s dream and said: “Gyatso, tell your mum to go and find an ancient Tibetan bell, made of seven metals….”
The morning after, Gyatso’s mum went on the mountain in search of an ancient Tibetan bell. She walked and walked, she was tired but still pushing herself: “I will find it, I will find it….” Suddenly, she heard the most wonderful sound, like spiraling all around. She couldn’t understand from where it was coming, from where it originated, because that extraordinary sound was everywhere, in all directions. She heard a cough… “Who’s coughing?” she asked. No answer. Then she heard a sweet laugh just from above a stone. She understood the angel was there. She understood that she had to look underneath the stone. She removed the stone and, mixed with soil and roots, there was an old Tibetan bell!
She brought it home running and smiling from happiness. She washed it with water and scented herbs and went straight to Gyatso’s room.
She played it. An ethereal, subtle sound start swirling in the room. Gyatso, but only he, could also see wonderful colorurs and shapes filling the room.
He felt so well, so happy, so deeply thankful for being able to hear and see the sounds. He cried of happiness and then he felt so relaxed and calm. He slept for few minutes in a deep sleeping… when he woke up, he could walk. He kissed his mum and went out to the garden to play with his young friends.
That was a real, ancient Tibetan bell… built by someone who knew the correspondence of the sounds with the planets, the stars and the organs of the human body…. Someone who knew how to pray and heal. Where did that bell come from? Nobody knows for sure, maybe from Tibet, maybe from China or Nepal, but nowadays Tibetan bells are found across the whole world. They are used to pray, to help healing and enjoy the mistery of sounds and colours.     
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